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  • James 1 Biblical Illustrator Bible Hub

    This Epistle, although Luther stigmatised it as "an epistle of straw," has many claims on our regard. It is the first Christian document that was given to the world, the earliest of all the New Testament Scriptures: It is more like the writings of the Old Testament than any other contained, in the New, and forms a natural transition from the ...

  • 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/English History

    In this island they did much to help the transformation of the mere ... , held on conditions of homage and military service. ... The machine of government ...

  • Category:PlanetsAliensCreatures Star Wars Los

    Miraluka were a thoughtful, cautious, ... and their transformation into happy, ... Mates brought genetic material to a Computer Mating Service for analysis against ...

  • Majesty's Rancho Project Gutenberg Australia

    Majesty's Rancho, by Zane ... Ranches, service stations, ... That little wordy byplay roused Lance anew to the possibilities that might be thickening ahead of ...

  • Stay Current In Re Bilski Announces the Machine-or ...

    1 In Re Bilski Announces the Machine-or-Transformation Test as the § 101 Touchstone for Process Claims BY MICHAEL D. BEDNAREK, GEORGE GRAFF, RYAN HAWKINS, ELIZABETH ROESEL AND AMY SIMPSON

  • Machine-or-transformation test Wikipedia

    In United States patent law, the machine-or-transformation test is a test of patent eligibility under which a claim to a process qualifies for consideration if it (1) ...

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